Do This Right Now!

As the year winds down, everyone is busy setting up their 2018 schedules, so this is the PERFECT time to go ahead and get the 2018 Girls Who Print Day celebration on the calendar! How else are you going to plan your party, or make sure that the people who PAY for stuff like cookies and punch have set aside a few bucks to honor the women in your company or department? Budget, people, BUDGET!!

In fact, some groups buy their OWN tiara and award it to someone on GWP Day, just like our Girlie Award in Chicago! GWP Day is the best day of the Girls Who Print year, and you don’t want to start looking around on October 1 next year, and realize you forgot to get it on the company calendar.

Here are some photos from the last GWP Day celebration in the Printerverse at Print 17. For the first time ever, we displayed the Tiara and let people try it on. There was a line of people all day long, waiting to don the glittery crown. They preened. They posed. They smiled, both men and women, and we had a blast. Don’t they look like happy campers?

The GWP Tiara Is Going on the Road

Who knew that the GWP Tiara would become so popular? It’s sort of taken on a life of its own. Two things I’ve learned: 1) You can’t wear a tiara without smiling. 2) Everyone is shocked by how heavy it is. We had so much fun with it this year that people have suggested we need a Traveling Tiara. With that in mind, we are now booking GWP on the Road for 2018 appearances. While you have your calendar out marking it for GWP Day on October 2, you may notice that you have an event or conference coming up that could use something as cool and fun as your own Girls Who Print event. This can be arranged!  Contact me, and we’ll get it on the Tiara’s calendar, and mine as well.


Mark that 2018 calendar, folks – it’s the best way to make sure that your organization doesn’t get caught trying to figure out their celebration without enough time to plan!

Peace and Love, y’all…

🙂 mb