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  The Power of the Hashtag!

  Find us anywhere with #GirlsWhoPrint

Girls Who Print is the world’s largest online community of women in the print industry.

If you are a woman in the printing industry, GWP Social is your spot to discuss, commiserate with others, and laugh about the way you make a living in a fascinating, ever-evolving industry. Whether you are in production, design, sales, marketing, management, operations, the one sweeping up the shop floor, or, if you’re the owner and do all of the above, online is the place to talk about it! No matter which social channel is your sweet spot, you can find us by using the hashtag #GirlsWhoPrint. Sooner or later, it will lead you to us!


LinkedIn is where it all began, and the original Girls Who Print discussion group still boasts the largest single concentration of members around the world. This is the place to ask questions, share your articles, and stay on top of industry news that affects your business. We don’t always succeed, but we TRY to be fairly professional in this forum!


Facebook is where GWP Nation checks in to kick back, laugh, share photos and jokes, and just generally stay on the light side. It also features a terrific collection of photos and videos from past National “Girls Who Print” Day celebrations. It’s also a great place to share and watch videos of our members who are in the media as they travel around the world as champions of print. EVERY day is Casual Friday on Facebook, so come as you are, day or night – someone will be around!


Twitter is perfect for hashtagging your way to connecting with up-to-the-minute news about all things GWP. We really turn up the volume in August and September in preparation for GWP Day, and you’ll see #GirlsWhoPrint photos as quickly as they come into the feed. If you’re on “The Twitter”, please retweet all #GirlsWhoPrint tweets, AND…expect us to retweet YOUR stuff too – that’s how we roll in GWP Nation.  FYI: Girl #2, Deborah Corn is the QUEEN of Twitter and will retweet your stuff in a heartbeat!


Deb may be the Queen of Twitter, but MB is more likely to be rocking Instagram with you. You may have to put up with pics of her cute dog and her fledgling publishing company, but it’s worth it to be part of the friendly IG community. There’s a huge gallery of #GirlsWhoPrint photos that members have tagged, and it is awesome to get to see what people work on during the day. Offset, digital, large format, screen printing, letterpress, book binding: you name it, Girls Who Print are making it and sharing photos!

Even though we are a virtual organization, we are actually a pretty close-knit group, simply because we hashtag and keep up with each other. Come hang out with your sisters online and join the crowd. 

See you on the internets at #GirlsWhoPrint!